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With our extensive experience spanning decades, Tech-Weld possesses a profound understanding of the distinctive requirements associated with custom lighting across various industries. We take immense pride in translating your lighting project designs into reality. We achieve this through the utilization of metal tubing for crafting light fixture components, taking the form of tubes, cones, and even perforated tubes.

Tech-Weld has a specially developed, state-of-the-art quality lab that contains industry-leading equipment designed to ensure precise part specifications. Our tubes for lighting needs are offered in custom sizes in the following ranges:

Small Diameter Tubes, Tanks, and Weldments

  • Diameter – 3″ to 9″
  • Lengths – Up to 60″
  • Thickness – Up to .125″ 

Large Diameter Tubes, Tanks, and Weldments

  • Diameter – 10″ to 36″ with capabilities to do larger.
  • Lengths – Standard tube lengths are 144″. We can easily produce tubes up to 288″ or longer.
  • Thickness – Up to .188″

Lighting Applications

  • Light fixtures
  • Light fixture parts
  • Light diffusion
  • Lamp tubes/components

Metals: Light Fixture Parts and Other Lighting Components

Because the lighting industry incorporates not only function but also aesthetics, the choice of metal must perform well and sometimes also suit the desired look and style. Thankfully, there are several metals that work well for the lighting industry, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cold rolled steel, and brass.

Serving Our Customers in the Lighting Industry

Tech-Weld is proud to offer high-quality tubing products, including custom tubes, tanks, cones, and weldments, that tube mills simply cannot provide. We perform our services within tight tolerances. We don’t ship our custom lighting products until they have been thoroughly tested. The product won’t leave our facility if we aren’t satisfied, .

We support each customer throughout the entire production process, and our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions and concerns. Whether you’re a customer or a supplier, Tech-Weld’s goal is to get you the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time. 

Tech-Weld has continued to demonstrate our ongoing commitment by obtaining the highest level of certification. Tech-Weld is NADCAP (Welding) accredited, ISO 9001/AS9100 certified, and ITAR registered.

NADCAP stands for:

A Commitment to Excellence:

Tech-Weld’s unwavering pursuit of excellence is evident in our dedication to maintaining quality throughout every facet of our operations. From our skilled professionals to our state-of-the-art equipment, we prioritize consistency and precision at every step.


We will listen to you, meet your needs, and adapt to any changing requirements as-needed. Our philosophy of putting the customer first empowers our customer service and helps us remember why we go to work every day. We are here when you need us.


As an industry leader in custom welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments, Tech-Weld will continually improve the quality system to meet our customers’ requirements, while maintaining a safe and enjoyable working environment.


Businesses that work with Tech-Weld gain the confidence, trust, and credibility that comes from working with a certified industry leader. We are proud to meet and exceed the real-world needs of our partners with our rigorous standards and a wide range of certifications.

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