Cone Rolling

At Tech-Weld, our proficiency in cone rolling takes center stage, delivering precision and versatility in every project. With a meticulous approach and comprehensive capabilities, we redefine metal forming, ensuring exceptional outcomes for intricate designs and varied applications.

Varieties We Can Produce to Meet Your Requirements

  1. Concentric: Achieve uniformity by symmetrically reducing diameter along a cylindrical workpiece, resulting in consistent cone shapes.
  2. Eccentric: Introduce offset centers for asymmetrical cones with varying wall thickness. Tailor designs to specific wall thickness distributions.
  3. Conical: Skillfully combine axial and radial roll movements to craft conical shapes. Ideal for gradual transitions or funnel-like structures.

Precision in Every Detail

Tech-Weld’s commitment to precision is unwavering:

  • Form cones in a single pass without distortion.
  • Craft custom concentric and eccentric (offset) cones.
  • Diameter range from 3.5″ minor to an impressive 60″ major.
  • Maximum lengths extend up to 72″.
  • Maintain precision through CAD-controlled processes.
  • Exclusive expertise in rolling conical shapes.

Versatile Solutions, Unparalleled Precision

With Tech-Weld, your manufacturing needs find their ideal match:

  • Concentric, eccentric, or conical – we offer versatile solutions.
  • Our seasoned expertise ensures unmatched accuracy.
  • Innovation in metal forming is our hallmark.
  • Expect exceptional results that surpass expectations.

Importantly, Tech-Weld‘s cone rolling process is more than a service. We are dedicated to crafting metal with finesse, expertise, and pinpoint accuracy. Combined with our specialized welding techniques, it forms the foundation for creating your impeccable custom cones. Rely on us for solutions that seamlessly fuse the art and science of cone rolling.

Four Roll Cone Rolling

Four Roll Cone Rolling–First Stage
Four Roll Cone Rolling–Final Stage
Four Roll Cone Rolling–Final Stage
Four Roll Cone Rolling–Finished Cones

Cone Rolling at Tech Weld


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