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Tech-Weld is a full-service, custom manufacturer of precision-welded tubes, tanks, cones, and weldments. Founded in 1992 by Greg LeSage, Tech-Weld, Inc., is a family-run business where welding has been passed down for generations. Tech-Weld capabilities include more than 70 years of experience. Our commitment to excellence has been passed down throughout the years, solidifying our reputation as a trusted name in the industry. Every day, our goal is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, and employees. Our journey is one of continuous growth. We recognize that every project is unique, and we take pride in our ability to tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. It is important to us that everyone we work with feels valued!


An industry leader, Tech-Weld manufactures custom welded tubes, tanks, cones, and weldments. We continually improve our quality systems to meet our customer’s requirements while maintaining a safe and enjoyable work environment. Every member of our team plays a crucial role that contributes to our success.

We hold the highlest level of accreditation for ISO 9100:2015, AS9001D & Nadcap (Welding). This accomplishment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction.


We will listen to you, meet your needs, and adapt to any changing requirements as-needed. Our philosophy of putting the customer first empowers our customer service and helps us remember why we go to work every day. We are here when you need us.


As an industry leader in custom welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments, Tech-Weld will continually improve the quality system to meet our customers’ requirements, while maintaining a safe and enjoyable working environment.


Businesses that work with Tech-Weld gain the confidence, trust, and credibility that comes from working with a certified industry leader. We are proud to meet and exceed the real-world needs of our partners with our rigorous standards and a wide range of certifications.

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