Quality Lab

Tech-Weld is committed to the highest level of quality for all our work. We provide a variety of inspection services, including pressure testing, liquid penetration and x-ray. In addition, Tech-Weld has a specially developed, state-of-the-art Quality Lab, containing industry-leading equipment designed to ensure exacting part specifications when required.

Our lab is a temperature-controlled quality clean room with multiple capabilities for part size, and both linear and volumetric accuracy. These include an Aberlink Azimuth coordinate measuring machine, with the capability of measuring parts that are (X)47.5 inches x (Y)59 inches x (Z)39.4 inches — with linear accuracy down to .000004 inches. In addition, our Romer inspection arm has a measuring range of 8 feet, repeatability of .0008 inches and volumetric accuracy of .001 inches.

The digital, laser coordinate measuring machines of our Quality Lab provide the ultimate in verification services, in addition to providing the capability to precisely cut in tube features after the tubes are created — allowing for more efficient workflow and accurate results.

Tech-Weld: Providing custom welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments.

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